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Google Reader with all of its features

In all well-known social networks, people are the most important part. People gather to have fun and share videos, notes and pictures. These websites provide you with a place to share feelings and ideas about almost anything that is going on around you. To me, online social networks do not seem to be a proper place to follow up news updates, and see what people think about different articles and analysis. One may say “That’s not right! You can do all these in say for example Facebook”. Of course you can. But I said “A proper place”. Websites like Facebook or Google+ are full of distractions for someone who only wants to keep up with news and articles. Let me exemplify:

I “virtually” know someone say “Bob”. I think this guy’s perspective to life sucks! Anywhere he goes, he just ruins everything and he is just not my type! If I was a Facebook or Google+ user, I would prefer not to follow this guy and not to be friends with him. The only thing this guy is good at is computer science and this is our only common field of interest! Though I hate to even see this guy’s face, I like to know of his ideas on computer based articles and news.

There’s a beautiful place for me on the internet, in which I can get exactly what I want. Google Reader. There, I don’t care who is who? How they behave, what’s their sexual orientation, their religion, their marital status, their lives’ events and their friends idea’s about them. What I do, is to subscribe to (follow) news agencies, certain blogs and websites that I like their contents. I follow a person if and only if what he shares with others is of a type I like and if I don’t follow someone like “Bob” I won’t lose anything. Because if he comments on anything I read, I will see that. So I will never miss his ideas on computer based articles.

The so called “one” may again say “You can manipulate Facebook or Google+ to get all these features”. Even if that would true, NO! I hate all the mess in there. The frenzy in there, being bombed with people’s life updates! I need the peace in Google reader, to read news, analysis, articles and people’s ideas about these contents.

As a person who lives in Iran, I see lots of people who think like me. I don’t know if there’s any scientific, sociological or historical reason for this. All I know is that we basically need a web application like Google Reader with all of its features. We are suffering the web filtration here. Almost every news agency’s website is filtered! Blogger is filtered! We are seeking every possible hole to find a way to see what’s going on around us, and how others look at it. What independent journalists say and how analysts think.

Some say, because of the web filtration and in the absence of social networks in Iran, Google Reader as a web application which cannot be easily filtered (thanks to https) was the only remained choice. This may be true. But with regards to what I said, Google+ does not give us the “peace” we need!

We need Google Reader (which is called “Gooder” here) with all the features it provides us with, no matter if it’s connected to Google+ or not!

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